What Makes All of us Happy: A Sneak Optimum at My Stanford Writing Health supplement

Two week-ends ago, I put the enjoyment of entering a several hour vacation from Boston to Slot Authority in New York City. When the bus became popular, I had taken one latter sip for my coconut latte (thank you Starbucks at Southern region Station) prior to putting on headphones and bunching up my very own sweater to use as a makeshift pillow. I actually leaned with the window in addition to closed my eyes. Subsequently, a terrible thing happened. My phone did that classic thing where it tries to be funny in addition to drops through 40% to 1% prior to my sight. It’s all right, I thought. Items just implement my excellent dandy mobile cord. Following plugging my very own cord within, my phone screen lasted black. Virtually no apple company logo, no ‘please plug in’ warning. Absolutely nothing. Nada.


This was not any longer fun and game. Of course , Thought about chosen to rest probably inside the ONE place where both outlets cant be found working.

How can I Instagram this #nofilter worthy sundown? How will folks know I will be currently ingesting a greens wrap? How can I prevent the people informed??? These are typically the questions I just pondered.


Not one to discontinue that conveniently, I whipped out very own computer along with opened up i-tunes. With 30 % charge left side (PSA: constantly be sure your equipment are completely charged prior to traveling) few wifi link, I decided these days was as good of a time as any to clean out out the files. When i sifted by means of various files and papers, which were known as in all styles of ways.

Certain were quite specific, finding right to the particular:

  • ‘Fortinbras Pieces of paper? More like FortinBRO Paper (first draft)»

  • ‘a compilation involving phrases which can be nice’

  • ‘hey it’s a resume! ‘

While other people gave me simply no insight to what I would obtain once My spouse and i clicked typically the document:

  • ‘take dos’

  • ‘english a; lsdfjal; skdfj; lasddjfl; asksdjf’

  • ‘yas’

My personal favorite was basically simply known as:

  • ‘Dad’

Since the sun ultimately set, the particular bus carried on its solid path in I-84, and i also continued terme conseille. Twenty mins later, I just looked up, discovering my guy passengers was slowly moving off. Perhaps my different friend, a new Tufts freshmen I had experienced, had let go of his GameBoy and has been leaning the head back together with eyes sealed (s/o for you to Stanton Contend! ).

My computer seemed to be about to kick the bucket when I stumbled upon one particular data, aka exactly why you’re likely reading this article. It was branded rather merely and certainly in three words: ‘Writing Supplement: Tufts. ‘

Exclusively, in the purity of very own computer screen, My spouse and i clicked it all open. Instantly, I had transported back to one particular night. I actually pictured the main senior twelve months version of myself, waiting cross legged at my dining room table, my head of hair up in an messy bun, cradling a new warm cup of coffee of my very own old companion Mr. Earl Grey.


The devices dimmed, I actually recall staring at the very same screen I was investigating now, eye brows furrowed, in a position my mind to get an answer to what precisely seemed like such a simple thought: ‘What enables you to happy? (200-250 words). ‘What makes all of us happy? ‘ I stated out loud. ‘Everything… nothing… I just don’t know grrr. »

Remaining me, I just opened up an innovative tab to be able to procrastinate as well as google looked for ‘funny puns. ‘ Within one phase, I started laughing out loud so hard we literally clogged on my teas. I truly desire I could declare I thought exactly which in turn pun need to me, however it was most likely something for instance this:


As I cleansed up the steeped tea that I had spit out of laughing so faithfully (ah, these days there’s a adorable image! ), I noticed that there are so many bit things that total my contentment.

There isn’t just one answer. There isn’t a formula. And you know what? That is more than alright.

So , without further turmoil, here is aspect III associated with my writing supplement. Allow me to share exactly 249 words that will made (and still make) me delighted:

  1. «Lists.

  2. Puns.

  3. Making men and women laugh (with puns- an exceptional occurrence. Consumers really don’t take pleasure in puns although they should).

  4. Comfy, outsized sweatshirts.

  5. Trying to play Hide-n-seek within Target.

  6. Developing life tales for hit-or-miss people we come across at JFK with dad.

  7. Re-reading a new cherished reserve.

  8. Painting this is my mom’s finger nails.

  9. After the school naps with my kitty.

  10. Long auto rides (at least My partner and i didn’t declare long strolls on the beach).

  11. Worn out shoes and boots that match just right.

  12. Doodling on notebook.

  13. Toe hosiery that make someones toes look funny.

  14. Getting nice interactions with waiters at restaurants.

  15. Telling everyone that I will surely answer to synonymous ‘dancing queen’ now that I’m just seventeen.

  16. Assisting myself important things via youtube . com (i. elizabeth. The Mom or dad Trap handshake).

  17. Late night story telling together with my related in the summertime.

  18. Stumbling out of bed at night and realizing you’ve still got more time to sleep.

  19. Listening to music and unable it is the soundtrack to warring.

  20. Sleeping with on a Sunday morning, in particular in the winter precious time.

  21. The sound for laughter that will fills any classroom after the teacher tells a funny story.

  22. Learning fresh words and finding different ways to incorporate these kinds of into very own everyday words.

  23. 80’s Loving Comedies (I’m talking ‘The Breakfast Club cv professional writing, ‘ ‘Say Anything, ‘ ‘Pretty inside Pink, ‘ ‘Heathers’- this one was a bit of on the more dark side)

  24. Music and singing along so that you can Disney’s ‘Tangled’

It’s the minimal things. ‘

Nat’s out.


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